Online Workshops

Objective: This 4-week program is about the importance of building resilience for chaotic times. During each session you will learn different methods to nurture physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your being. This program helps you to identify the limiting thought patterns, beliefs and fears which keep you hostage and prevent you from moving forward in life. The tools you learn in this program empower you to become centered, grounded and in control of your reactions to various life events. 
Who is this program for?
Anyone who feels Stuck, fearful or powerless in life and seeks to live life to the fullest in peace, in power and in joy.
Delivery method: Online
 We will have 4 live interactive sessions and each session takes up to 90 minutes. You need to dedicate at least 2 hours per week to complete the course work.
Course fee: CA$399.00 + Tax
Start Date: 10th January 21
Session format: Small Group

Objective: This training session touches on the subject of life purpose and allows you to assess your current state in all areas of life and opens the door to new possibilities. You will:

  • Assess your current state in all areas of life
  • Understand the importance of your life purpose 
  • Dream the best version of you
  • Reflect on where the gaps are
  • Open the door to new possibilities

Who is this program for?
Anyone who feels lost in life and seeks to have a more fulfilling, impactful, joyful and purposeful life.
Delivery method: Online
 90 Minutes
Course fee: Free
Start Date: Available Now
Session format: Group

Objective:  By the end of this course, you will get to know yourself in a comprehensive way at a deep level, uncover your interests, passions, aspirations, and what fills you with joy and the way to sustain it, discover your talents and power, as well as your weak points and the limitations in your belief system that hold you back, you will come up with a beautiful and joyful future plan, free from all the limiting thought pattern, identify the barriers to your ideal life, the means to overcome them as well as the solutions to address them and come up with a road map to your ideal destination.
Who is this program for?
Those who need to improve their well-being and to have a more fulfilling, joyful and purposeful life.
Delivery method: 
3 Weeks 
We will have 3 live interactive sessions and each session takes up to 4 hours. You need to dedicate at least 3 hours per week to complete the course work.
Course fee: 
CA$599.00 + Tax
Start Date: Available Now
Session format: 
Small Group

Objective: Through this three-day retreat, we guide you in designing your dream; away from your known environment and comfort zone. Dreams are very fragile in early stages of formation and we create a supportive environment like an incubator for your dream. On this path, we lead you to freedom from your past conditioning and limiting beliefs.
Who is this program for?
Anyone who lacks self worth and is ready to dream and step into a new reality. 
Delivery method: In-person
Duration: 3 days
Start Date: Contact us for more information
Session format: Small Group


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Onsite Programs

Phoenix Journey of Revolution & Rebirth

Reclaiming, re-owning and re-designing your life

This journey begins on September 6th, 2019

A journey of rebirth; coming out of the box of your conditioned mind, recognizing your thought patterns and habits that have brought you to your current state, replacing old detrimental habits with new beneficial ones. A new positive approach to change your lifestyle over a 21 day period, in a natural, beautiful environment and under the guidance of a group of competent alternative treatment specialists, who will address your health issues in all three aspects of body, mind, and spirit. So that you can rebuild yourself from the inside out. Some of our common achievements in all types of disease are:

- Gain control over your health and feel better than ever
- Stop all unnecessary medications and avoid surgery
- Gain balance in metabolism, organ, and glandular function

Our pledge is to map out and achieve strategic goals for this 21 day period or you will receive a full refund. After you fill out the questionnaire at the end of this document, we will contact you to go over details and availability for your journey to begin.