NEW EARTH Disclaimer

It is your responsibility to take care of your kids, pets, personal belonging and health. This is a natural setup with river, pond, paved and unpaved trails, forest with stones, rocks, broken branches and pieces of tree trunks, and dark at night so have flashlights for your night time.

We recommend hiking during day light, and with safe shoes, cane, and care. Unsupervised kids under 20 or unsupervised off leash pets are not welcome here. We don't recommend this place for babies under 2 years old. 


The sauna and hot tub are wood stove heated, the stove handles become hot and you need to open them using provided BBQ tongue. Indoor and outdoor fire pits need fire making skills and experience. Do not use gas or oil or any fuel to start the fire especially inside the tipis! If you are wearing synthetic material clothing do not get close to open fire. Make sure that the net dome is closed when you have the fire on in your tipi, and do not leave your tipi with the fire on for more than 10 mins.  


Its your responsibility to check the weather of Markdale, Ontario before planing your trip. 

Winter time tips

Driving in snow requires some skills and tools, be equipped with both (i.e. snow tires or chains, small shovel, CAA membership). Roads inside the property will be treated by a tractor but as the roads are gravel road they can not be totally cleared from snow during winter and we do not use salt for green reasons. So be prepared for driving and use winter boots or ice tracks for walking, have snow shoes for hiking.
Tipis surrounding must be open for ventilation purposes we will shovel the snow around tipis before your arrival but during your stay especially if it is snowing, if it gets smokey inside there will be a shovel at the utility building that you can use to make sure around the skirt of tipi is snow free for better ventilation.    

Summer Time tips

There will be some black flies or mosquitoes and other insects in their season all around the countryside. Have proper clothing, and insect replant sprays / lotion with you.


If there is an accident during hiking, playing or your games we are not liable for such circumstances, so be mindful of your activities, only you will be responsible.