Is about older values and being kind to mother earth, respect all forms of life, and find our inner peace by getting away from Electromotive Force fields (EMF)putting aside our electronic gadgets, ecotherapy, mediation, having some quiet time (golden silence), and some face to face quality talks instead of online virtual networking.

Scientific studies have shown that natural environments can have remarkable benefits for human health. Natural environments are more likely to promote positive emotions, and viewing and walking in nature have been associated with heightened physical and mental energy. Nature has also been found to have a positive impact on children who have been diagnosed with impulsivity, hyperactivity and attention-deficit disorder.


We created the village to bring all these good qualities of healthy balanced living to life in one place at this eco retreat. Tipi village is made of 7 tipis, each tipi has a fire pit with metal screen to protect from sparks, it also has a removable part for adding fire wood or cooking. The floor of the tipis are covered with a water proof mattress so inside is a shoes-off area. The village is built close to the river and  is equipped with a service building with 5 flush toilets and 2 showers. There are picnic tables close to each tipi, a huge outdoor bonfire for all to sit and socialize.

Tipis' Names and sizes

There are 4 smaller size tipis that each can sleep up to 8 people. Each have a name: Hiawatha (more private setup), Pontiac, Cochise, and Jeronimo (also privately set).
Then there are 2 medium size tipis, Standing Bear and Sitting Bull, these can accommodate 12+ people.
Then there is the biggest tipi, Chief Joseph, that can easily accommodate 16 adults or more children.

Game Fields, SPA, Trails, and more

There is a volley ball/ badminton grass floor field and a basketball net, bring your ball / rackets if you wish. 
There is a wood stove heated Cedar sauna and hot tub, bring your swimming suits, outdoor seasonal swimming pool can be used based on availability. There are some trails passing in the woods, by the pond and to the river for hiking.
This is a dog friendly accommodation and your furry friends are welcome here, just arrange with us if you are bringing them.


Your accommodations include a warm sleeping bag that is good for -25 degrees and a clean light washable liner as the sleeping bag insert, sleeping bags won't be washed after every use (alternatively, you may also bring your own sleeping bag), a pillow and clean pillow cover plus a bath towel. You will receive a breakfast bag in your tipi every morning. There are BBQ tongue, lantern, dishes including bowls, plates, cups, cutlery, and a fire friendly tea/coffee pot with brewing insert in your tipi.

There is a service facility building for women and men, women's side has 3 flush toilets, and 1 shower, men's side has 2 flush toilets and 1 shower, toiletries are provided. Water comes from a well, softened and drinkable. 

Soon there will be a little shop on the second floor of the facility building for your urgent needs such as flash light, skewers, grilling baskets, snacks, ice, fire wood or other camping related items. But before your stay ask us about it.

What to bring

Fire wood, kindling, matches, grilling baskets, skewers, food that can be prepared on fire, seasoning, tea/coffee, can opener, food cooler, flash light, portable cellphone charger, sun block, mosquito spray depending on the season, if you come with your dog, bring your bags to clean after them and dogie bowls. 

Group of 4-8 or less

There are 4 medium size tipis that each can sleep 4 singles or 4 couples.
Each have a name from the beginning of the tipi village Hiawatha (more private setup), Pontiac, Cochise, and Geronimo.

Group of 8-12

As we go forward there are 2 large tipis that each can sleep 8-12 people. These are called Standing Bear located beside a 6 person cedar Sauna that works with a wood stove, and Sitting Bull which is located beside a 6 person cedar hot tub which works with a wood stove.

Group of 16

The largest tipi can sleep 16 people, this one is located close to the creek and have the sauna close by and a huge outdoor bonfire to the front.

Bigger GROUPs Or events

The entire village can be reserved for an event or reunion but if we are hosting an event that you can find out about in A NEW EXPERIENCE page we can not accept you unless you want to participate in the scheduled and announced event.

Not a Camping type? Not a problem!

For those who like to stay in an ordinary comfortable set up which is a part of this nature lover retreat, check out the comfort unit option.