New Earth Estate Team members

NEGar MOTAMED-Khorasani: Founder of New Earth Estate and Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner

Negar lives in Markdale, Ontario. Since childhood Negar has been inspired by plants, animals and in short nature, philosophy, and art which always remained her interest along with her profession as a computer software specialist. She started self discovery and life purpose journey at very young age and at the age of 21 she started practicing Heartfulness meditation. She believes that practicing meditation since youth helped her to get closer to the core of her being and find her true purpose in this life time. She has been always fascinated with the natural remedies and herbal medicine, this led her to receive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2017, and to practice this ancient holistic approach. She enjoys spiritual education and discoveries, as well as poetry, drawing, design, and music.

Negin Motamed: Heartfulness Trainer

Negin lives in Beaverton, Ontario. She has been inspired by mystery of existence since early childhood, shaping her interests in philosophy, physics, mythology, psychology and art. She works in the field of architecture and planning by profession, as well as pursuing painting, photography and poetry in her leisure time. She enjoys being in Nature, whether it is doing gardening at home, walking in Nature or simply listening to it in silence.
Negin discovered Heartfulness Mediation at the age of twenty two and since then Heartfulness has been an ever-growing part of her life. In 2010 she was trained in India and was permitted to work as a trainer in this method of Raja Yoga. She believes that mere uncovering of layers of complexity, leads to experiencing Love and Joy that are but elements of our original state. This in Heartfulness meditation is being achieved by using Pranahuti (yogic transmission).

Braven Almen: Facilitator of Life COACHING, acceptance and forgiveness therapy as well as Deep Tissue Massage

Two major deficiencies I have noticed are a lack of self love and human touch as well as clarity in life direction. I don't claim to have all the answers and I don't. I am trained in a process that involves forgiveness  (radical self-responsibility) which I coin an act of self love as well as deep tissue massage.
Braven Almen has worked in the mental health field for 13 years while observing clients were not getting the help they needed Presenting issues suppressed with medications. Being a life long learner has led him to seek out solutions to holistic issues. In his new interest field was trained in life couching, laughter yoga, sound healing, nutrition, new decision therapy, and deep tissue massage.


Truth seeker…so often we wait until we have health issues before deciding to return to nature’s way of healing, and prevention is an afterthought. No matter where you are in your life, whatever your situation, I’m here to help you build a path to wellness that works.
Cheryl Millett is a Holistic Nutritionist, Iridologist, and Mind-Body Healing. In an easy to understand way, Cheryl consults and presents with a belief in whole foods, omegas and cleansing giving her clients the education and tools to create a better quality of life.

Earleen Dickens: Energy Worker and PRACTITIONER

Erleen started her journey of seeking alternative and natural medicine, after many years of emotional and physical pain, medication and dealing with side effects. In her quest she has achieved recognized training and licenses in Cellular Expansion [which is thought in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and she is the only practitioner trained in this field in Canada], Reiki - Level 1 and 2, Alchemical Healing - Level 1 and 2, and Access Consciousness - Running The Bars. 
Also she uses an iMRS Mat - Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation which gives off the same magnetic frequencies as our Mother Earth.

Amir Imani: senior UMASS certified and MBSR teacher

Amir is a graduate of University of Toronto, where he studied psychology and adult education. His interest is mind-body-heart interaction and their role in healing and well being. This interest pulled him to India where he has spend passed 15 years to practice and teach Mindfulness and Heartfulness meditation and their application in life and psychotherapy. He is the founding director of the Center for Mindfulness in Health and Medicine at Atieh Hospital in Iran and Director of Omega Wellbeing, based in India.

Kanchan Raste: Certified ayurvedic practitioner & certified yoga therapist

Ayurvedic lifestyle has been a way of life for Kanchan since her childhood. This has had been a family tradition for her for many generations.
Growing up, Kanchan kept observing all the benefits that this lifestyle led to and that piqued her own interest in the subject. She became certified as a Yoga Therapist at a young age of 20. She has been a resident yoga therapist in many old age homes, addiction centers and women rehab centers around the Greater Toronto area.
In the meantime, Kanchan actively pursued her studies and research in Ayurveda and became certified as an Ayurvedic Practitioner.  She now consults people to manage various ailments through proper nutrition, ayurvedic remedies and yoga, pranayama and meditation techniques
Kanchan is a visiting Ayurveda faculty in BITTS (Brampton Institute of Trades, Technology and Sciences) and holds monthly workshops throughout GTA educating people on the benefits of Ayurveda and living an Ayurvedic Lifestyle.
Kanchan also owns a brand of Ayurvedic Skin Care products called Dewy Naturals where people can buy all natural ayurvedic formulations to help achieve a glowing complexion. To check the products please visit

When Kanchan finds time out of her busy schedule, she dabs her hands in painting and is a known Visual Artist in the GTA with many exhibitions under her belt.